2021-22 Chicago Blackhawks Preview: A dynasty die-hard

2021-22 Chicago Blackhawks Preview: A dynasty die-hard


It is difficult for management and senior staff to get excited about the teams currently involved in sexual abuse allegations and negligence proceedings. Especially if many of the same people (such as Stanbowman) still lead the team today. We won’t discuss the proceedings in more detail, but it’s important to be aware of the reality of this team.That said, where Chicago Blackhawks It may be heading for the coming season.

Where it was interrupted

Chicago is one of the teams that can’t be counted to the last minute, even though the record for the recent regular season isn’t great. They are like cockroaches. Even with the temporary loss of captain Jonathan Tows, their undeniable determination to the end of the bitterness makes for a formidable team.

Blackhawks won Stanley cup Three times in the last decade, the recent modest appearance in the playoffs seems to have passed the day of winning the cup. In the 2018-19 season, the Hawks missed the playoffs with a record of 36-34-12. The following year, the Blackhawks record was 32-30-8, while they defeated, Edmonton Oilers In the qualifying round, they finally lost Vegas Golden Knights In the first round. Last year it was a mirror of 2018-19 and missed the playoffs, with a half-finished record of 24-25-7.

2021 entry draft

The 2021 entry draft was successful in the sense that fans could look back on this draft with nostalgic memories within three to five years, but none of these draft topics soon teethed on the NHL’s ice. Don’t expect to cut. All the exciting and promising players to show off their speed and physique, but they need more time to develop before they’re ready for the big league.

Nolan Alan was the first to choose a draft in Chicago, with a total of 32 people. Allen is a great skater in the best position to grow into a balanced NHL defense. He played 16 games against the Western Hockey League (WHL) Prince Albert Raiders last season, playing a total of 1 goal, 1 assist, 21 penalties, and -3.

Kirby Duck’s brother Colton Duck is Chicago’s second round pick, and Caleb and Seth Jones (who will be in touch soon) are not the only pair of brothers in the organization. Like Allen, Duck is a great shooter with the perfect basic skills to start building NHL level athletes. In the case of WHL Saskatoon Blade, Duck played 20 games, scoring a total of 11 goals, 9 assists and 16 PIMs.

Here’s a complete list of Chicago recommendations:

Round 1 (32nd overall): Nolan Allan
Round 2 (62nd): Colton Duck
Round 3 (91st): Taige Harding
Round 4 (105th): Esandel Mastro
Round 4 (108th): Victor Stjernborg
Round 6 (172nd): Ilya Safonov
Round 7 (204th): Connor Kelly
Round 7 (216th): Jalen Luypen


The end of the 2020-21 season was flooded with trade and the off-season move was a true circus.

Duncan Keith was traded to Edmonton Oilers on suspicion of a cap dump and a change of team guards. The 38-year-old defenseman, along with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Tows, is the team’s last cup-winning player. Keith had been in trade rumors for some time, so it wasn’t as surprising as it was an emotional blow to his fans. In return for Keith, the Blackhawks received Caleb Jones and a third round pick in 2022.

Caleb Landry is a young alternative to Chicago’s weak defense. Last year he played 33 games for the Oilers, for a total of 4 assists, 6 PIMs and -7. Well, I don’t want to be too cynical here, but the quest for a pair of Chicago brothers (uh, uh 2 (With the Duck brothers) seems a bit suspicious (for good reason) in the sense that it clearly creates goodwill and fan interest in the face of diminished public support. It’s not that Caleb Jones isn’t a good pickup — especially because he was connecting to Chicago much earlier than Seth Jones signed — but reminds us that hockey is a business and a roster. Will give you. For better or for worse, it’s the team’s greatest marketing tool.

Speaking of Seth Jones, his presence in Chicago is not surprising. Defense has long been a team issue, so we knew the team was looking at Jones. Columbus Blue Jackets.. Instead of letting Jones walk as a UFA and raising the return on investment, the Blue Jackets traded Jones once in 2021 and the sixth in 2022 to Chicago, once in 2021 and the second in 2021. In exchange for my vist.

For other new additions, he won the Stanley Cup twice. Tampa Bay Lightning, Tyler Johnson and former Euler Jar Kaila.

Johnson adds depth in the middle and easily inserts it on the second or third line. He excels in 5v5 settings and is excellent in confrontations. In both scenarios, Chicago can leverage his expertise. In Tampa Bay, Johnson played 55 games, a total of 8 goals, 14 assists, 16 PIMs and -1.

Jujar Kayla is an underutilized power forward in Edmonton, so I’m really looking forward to what he brings to the Chicago lineup. In the 2020-21 Oilers, Kayla played 40 games with a total of 3 goals, 8 assists, 42 PIMs and -1. Kyra provides depth and physicality to the roster, and although his penalties are higher than he’s convinced his coach wants, he has a lot of potential on the Chicago front.

The elephant in the room is clearly the addition of goalkeeper Marc-Andre Fleury. Fleury is the Vegina Award winner, three Stanley Cup winners, and the third-ever goalkeeper to be loved by fans around the world. It was a shock to the fans (and Fleury, who learned about trading on Twitter), but there are some suspicious aspects to this story.

The first is to show that Vegas Golden Knights is a cup or bust. Fleury’s regular season performance was great, but as a rule, the goalkeeper’s latest match was something people remember and he struggled with.Series against Montreal Canadiens.. By trading with Fleury, who was the face of the franchise from the beginning, Vegas shows that he will do whatever it takes to win the cup. Even trading their marquee players.

Behind the conversation is that the Chicago Blackhawks want to be competitive in the cup. By securing one of the league’s top goalkeepers, they can virtually represent themselves. Count Chicago based on their last three years and untested roster, I don’t count them either. So what are the other reasons why the Blackhawks catch Fleury?

For one thing, pushing the story of “cup competition” will excite fans and help them. Nothing condemns allegations of sexual abuse and subsequent proceedings as much as the possibility of executing the Stanley Cup. For another reason, Marc-Andre Fleury is a well-meaning face. In general, hockey fans agree that Fleury is a good person, regardless of the team they support. He’s exactly the kind of player the team wants to leverage for their dissatisfied and suspicious consumer base. He is nice, problem-free and quiet. It may sound a bit pessimistic, but I wonder how much of Fleury’s deal was hockey politics, how much Chicago Blackhawks needed good PR, and how much was Fleury as a goalkeeper. I can’t help thinking. Do you remember the number of UFA’s top goalkeepers this year? The market was saturated for the Chicago Blackhawks to choose, but they pursued his $ 7 million deal with Fleury.

What can you expect from 2021 to 22?

The biggest question mark is Captain Jonathan Tows. Currently, Toews, who took a leave of absence in December 2020, has no return date. The progress and management of his chronic immune response syndrome is promising and is expected by both him and the team. At some point he came back.

Can the Blackhawks fulfill their promises and compete for the cup (perhaps through a wildcard spot), or not enough for another year. Fleury could be the savior of the team online, or Vegas made a mistake in trading him. Seth Jones could become a Blue Line game changer, or Chicago’s defensive distress continues. Whatever the player or story, it’s clear that Chicago is betting on the off-season decision to make a big impact on the ice from 2021 to 22.

But the most important story from Chicago is away from the ice — the dynamics of NHL’s power, how far the team goes to hide allegations of sexual assault, and ongoing proceedings on the team and management.

NS San Jose Sharks We will face the Chicago Blackhawks three times during the regular season starting at the United Center in Chicago on November 28th at 4pm PST. After that, the two will play twice in April. The first is 5:30 pm PST on the 12th in Chicago and 5 pm PST on the 23rd in San Jose.

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