Chicago 3, Atlanta United 0: What was said

Chicago 3, Atlanta United 0: What was said


“No, I’m not going to change anything. I’m going to fix what we did bad. I’m going to keep insisting on what we are doing well. Always following the same ideas, same philosophy that I have with my teams. I know about this in the games you say. But I’m not going to change and leave this path.”

On the current injury situation

“Look, probably there are some motives. There are different situations with both of them. It’s true that the way I work, this thing could happen and I’m responsible. But, these things take time and understand the way we work. The situation with these two players was totally different. Let me repeat that I’m the only one responsible. I’m not telling you this to take the responsibility from our players. Let me tell you this because I know that I’m the responsible one for this. Each case is different. Santiago (Sosa) didn’t recover from our last game. (Alan) Franco happened the day before.”

On the young players tonight and their performance

“For (Tyler) Wolff and Mo (Adams), I’m happy with how they played, after a long time without playing. I’m very happy for them and I’m sure they are happy as well. They need to keep working because right now they are options for us.”

On his analysis of the project

“First when I analyze a team, I don’t like to look in the future. I analyzed Atlanta from last year. I checked the players who would continue with us and who would leave. I’m very happy with the young players. Let me repeat, I’m happy with the group I create. I know these players are going to play even better. From what I talked with the club president, I’m following the path that I laid out to him. I want to work with players that believe in the project. I think this team is a big group and we are going to fight for this.”

Atlanta United midfielder Machop Chol

On how it felt to be back on the field

“I think for me it just felt great to be back on the field. I wanted to make the most of the time that I had tonight. I’m happy to be back”

On what his responsibilities were going forward

“Same as they always are. Coach told me to go out and enjoy the game. Tactically he gave me some instructions on set pieces, but other then that he told me to go out and enjoy. I enjoyed it for the most part, outside of the result of course.”

On what he thought he did well

“I think so. This week in training, coach talked a lot about getting in behind the defense. I think I just kept that in mind and wanted to get in behind. My goal was to get behind their defense. Unfortunately, that header didn’t hit the back of the net. But I think we created some decent chances towards the end.”

On if there is pressure after three games without a goal

“No, I don’t think there is any pressure. Guys are confident in the way we play. The goals and chances are definitely going to come. We need to have some patience and its important that we don’t get frustrated and feel that pressure.”

Atlanta United defender Anton Walkes

On the team turning things around with a short week coming up

“As hard as it sounds we need to get over today. We need to reflect on today as quick as possible and go over some of the things that have been reoccurring and eradicate them quickly. Like you said, it’s a tough opposition. We knew what to expect and with how things played out against them when we played at home. It’s hard but we need to find a way to get our heads up and go again.”

On putting together a complete game

“Of course. I think if someone had a problem, they wouldn’t step out on that field. We want to respect ourselves, our families, the fans and the club on the field. It’s hurtful what’s happened so far. Again, we started this journey together. We are on this road together. If you look back at some of the goals tonight, especially the second one, that’s on me. I’ll say it. That’s not tactics. It’s the 45th minute and I should be putting the ball on the other side of the field or in the stands. It’s little things like that game management, knowing how we play in our system. Again, 90 percent of the time it works, but in the 10 percent it doesn’t, they just get chances and score. It’s a process, but the sooner the better because results aren’t going in our favor right now.”

On the fine margins that are costing the team points

“Yes, when we are out on the field it’s not the gaffer playing. It’s us 11 players. We got to do our jobs. We got to sense when certain things that we can do or can’t do. These mistakes are ultimately costing us games. Again, sometimes it’s not the tactics like on that second goal tonight. That’s on me, I have to put my hand up, take accountability and make sure I don’t do that again. Like I said, the 10 percent is a small margin, but that’s what teams are exploiting right now. You need to find a way quickly to limit those errors and keep progressing.”

On him stepping up with players going on international duty: “I think it’s even more. You mentioned Miles (Robinson) and (George) Bello leaving, but Brad (Guzan) is also leaving. He’s our captain. He’s one of the biggest roles we have on our team. I’ll try to make sure I step up as much as I can on and off the pitch. I want what’s best for the club, what’s best for my family and friends. Whoever comes in, we are all in it together. That’s the chat we had when the gaffer first came in and we set goals we want to achieve. The season is not over, if we pick up a few results we can build momentum. We just need to get back to basics I feel right now.”


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