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We are less proud to be part of the Academy family than our annual AIDS benefits.Founded by
Alum’s Justin Tranter was more than 20 years ago, and the benefits of AIDS have been run by students ever since.
Since its founding, it has gone down from director to assistant director in an uninterrupted chain.It’s one of our most important
Tradition — Instead of sports and dance
The power of art that creates communities, brings joy, and changes life.

For years, the event has been held by the city’s press (including WGN,
Block Club Chicago, Beverly Review, and WBBM News Radio).In addition, the last benefit that has occurred
The inside of the building attracted the attention of Mayor Lightfoot.

It was noteworthy not only for the purpose of the event, but also for the wonderful work.
It is on display.Students regularly devise and often undertake performances that showcase their feats
Their out-of-major challenges and performances represent excellence as deeply as the event represents.

Details of the benefits of AIDS

Each year, Academy students create and run benefit shows to support HIV / AIDS research. 25th
Annual AIDS benefits take place on September 24th and 25th.Students in each department announce new
Work under the sole direction and curation of student leadership.Director and assistant director of this
The annual profit is the student, which makes this profit a work entirely student-run.All revenue
After the cost, go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Our goal is to raise $ 10,000!

This event means the world for students.More importantly, the money we have collected
Maternal and child health that depends on charities that donate each year.This is more urgent
The year in which funds are raised because many benefits and fundraising activities have been canceled or postponed.They are
People and this cause can’t wait.

Since its inception in 1997, the benefits of AIDS have become one of the staples of the academy community.
Twenty-one years ago, he was an alum in the musical theater division and is now a songwriter Justin Tranter (Justin).
Beaver’s “Sorry” and Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries”) had the beautiful idea of ​​putting together a student-run variety show.
It can help raise awareness and advocacy for HIV / AIDS.His vision was to create something entirely student-run
Not only is it displayed without the direction or supervision of a faculty member, but it can also serve a large purpose.

Since the start of the event, Academy students have raised tens of thousands of dollars for AIDS
Research, support, care, and organization.

We are pleased that the Academy is celebrating its 24th anniversary of AIDS benefits and look forward to achieving it.
The most successful one ever.Join us to be part of the experience and help make a real difference within
2021 AIDS benefits in our community.

Chicago Academy of Arts – Lake Michigan Independent School Association

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