Chicago Cubs-L.A. Dodgers Runs


Dodgers second. Matt Beaty hit by pitch. Chris Taylor walks. Matt Beaty to second. Gavin Lux walks. Chris Taylor to second. Matt Beaty to third. Zach McKinstry homers to center field. Gavin Lux scores. Chris Taylor scores. Matt Beaty scores. Austin Barnes called out on strikes. Clayton Kershaw grounds out to second base, Eric Sogard to Anthony Rizzo. Mookie Betts reaches on error. Throwing error by Javier Baez. Cody Bellinger homers to center field. Mookie Betts scores. Justin Turner singles to left field. Matt Beaty grounds out to shallow infield to Anthony Rizzo.

6 runs, 3 hits, 1 error, 1 left on. Dodgers 6, Cubs 0.

Cubs fourth. Kris Bryant strikes out swinging. Anthony Rizzo grounds out to first base to Matt Beaty. Javier Baez homers to center field. Joc Pederson doubles to deep right field. Jake Marisnick strikes out swinging.

1 run, 2 hits, 0 errors, 1 left on. Dodgers 6, Cubs 1.

Dodgers sixth. Clayton Kershaw strikes out swinging. Mookie Betts triples to deep right field. Cody Bellinger out on a sacrifice fly to deep right field to Kris Bryant. Mookie Betts scores. Justin Turner strikes out swinging.

1 run, 1 hit, 0 errors, 0 left on. Dodgers 7, Cubs 1.

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