Does public support affect the courts? – NBC Chicago

Does public support affect the courts? – NBC Chicago


Britney Spears’ Strong plea to the judge Brought sympathy and anger from fans to end the power of attorney that has dominated her life since 2008, Famous supporter And even a casual observer who says she deserves independence.

But lawyers dealing with such issues say the speech itself may not have helped her in the legal process. And it will be long and painstaking.

“When Britney spoke, the world listened. Family law lawyer Peter Walzer said,” This was amazing, “said” Will the judge buy it? ” Please, my bet is no whether the judge will release her from the power of attorney. “

Spears’ passionate and sometimes emotional speech to Judge Brenda Penny of the Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday spoke in public court about the power of attorney she called “abuse” and “stupid.” It was the first time in 13 years. The power of attorney was implemented as a spearce scrutinized by paparazzi and the media when the new mother was hit by a very public mental health crisis in 2008.

Getting out of the power of attorney is usually not difficult for someone who can speak for himself and explain how and why he should be released. Fox Rothschild’s partner Sarah J. Wentz talks about the Britney Spears power of attorney, which is almost nothing similar to what she’s seen before.

Spears revisited his speech on Thursday’s Instagram post, saying, “I apologized for pretending to be okay for the last two years.

“I did it for my pride, and I was embarrassed to share what happened to me,” she added later.

In court, Spears was forced to continue using intrauterine devices for contraception and taking other medications, being prevented from getting married and having another child, and being allowed to have his own money. Said not. She blamed her father and others who ruled her protection.

The speech was compelling for the same reasons that it could be a problem for the court. She speaks very quickly and often profanely, and may seem out of control as she rattles the emotional turmoil they have caused to her.

“It seems that her presentation in court didn’t seem to bring any benefit to herself,” said David Glass, a family law lawyer with a PhD in psychology. .. She also admitted that she was always depressed and crying. I’m not her psychologist, but these are potential indications of being in the midst of a mental illness. “

A court hearing on the Britney Spears adult guardianship system once again brought pop stars into the limelight, triggering the #FreeBritney movement on social media. Learn what the power of attorney is and the decisions Spears are not allowed to make on their own due to legal arrangements.

Penny didn’t tilt her hand or react much to the dramatic presentation, except that Spears’ speech was “courageous.” It is unclear how much the judge has heard before, either when Spears previously addressed the court in a private session or in one of the numerous sealed documents submitted in the case.

“The court said,” I don’t agree with you, “” I’m worried about you, “and” I’m disappointed that these issues weren’t brought before me before. ” Did not say, “Glass said.

There is evidence that Penny takes Spears’ opinion into consideration in her decision.

She recently appointed real estate management company Bessemer Trust as co-guardian of Spears’ finances, but kept her father James Spears as co-guardian against her wishes. And Penny continues to hear more and more in court on Wednesday, keeping more documents open since Spears sought greater transparency in last year’s case.

Before ending the power of attorney, Penny may change it to be more palatable to Spears, and can order an immediate investigation of some claims.

“I’m worried if I’m a judge,” said Sara Wentz, a lawyer who specializes in real estate and the power of attorney. “The court will check as soon as possible if there is anything that needs to be reviewed or amended to see if there are any human rights abuses.”

Power of Attorney Gillian Smith analyzes why Britney Spears has been unable to escape the power of attorney caused in court for the past 12 years.

There is plenty of room for Penny to make changes that do not completely end the power of attorney.

“What they can do is try to put together a plan that meets all of her goals and hopes as much as possible, so she has some things to check in,” Wentz said. “It doesn’t have to be like all-in.”

Samuel Ingham III, a lawyer appointed in Spears’ court, has asked Penny to end his client’s power of attorney, but she still petitions him to do so. I said I didn’t ask. He said he did not try to “control, filter, or edit” the client’s words before Wednesday’s presentation.

It probably felt he was forced to talk about Spears, but that didn’t necessarily mean he agreed with her approach.

“This is why lawyers hate clients. We know what to say and how to say it,” said Chris Melcher, a family law lawyer. May actually come back and bite them. Prove the case on the other side. “

Melcher said another approach could have proven to be more effective.

“I think she is best served by her calm attitude, awareness of past issues, and acceptance of previous court decisions,” he said.

It was the approach Ingum adopted in Spears’ recent submission, which sought to take her father away and claim more control. The documents acknowledged that the power of attorney brought many benefits in the early days, insisted on change, and stated that she reserved the right to end it in the end.

One thing that certainly doesn’t happen is that, as Spears requested, the guardianship system ends without further evaluation of her.

The petition to end the power of attorney, which Mr. Ingam said could be filed soon, is just the beginning of a process that puts a strain on Spears to show her abilities.

“It’s up to Britney or other stakeholders to convince the court that it needs to end,” Melcher said. “This is not a voluntary process that allows her to get out of the door.”

Contributed by Associated Press writer Amanda Lee Myers.

Since the #FreeBritney movement began in 2019, Britney Spears has never spoken publicly about the 13-year protection that fans believe has been abused for the personal benefit of his father, Jamie.

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