Khalil Mack Treats Adam Shaheen Like A Fly He Forgot He Swatted

Khalil Mack Treats Adam Shaheen Like A Fly He Forgot He Swatted


Adam Shaheen isn’t going to be remembered too fondly among Chicago Bears fans. As draft busts go, he ranks high on the list for the 2010s decade. The team saw big things in him as a 2nd round pick in 2017. What followed was a string of disappointing seasons marked by health setbacks and an inability to unlock his massive potential. That is why he was traded to Miami. So when the Dolphins came back to Halas Hall for joint practices last week, the tight end no doubt felt like he had something to prove. The problem is he attempted to do so against Khalil Mack.

After the star outside linebacker abused Shaheen in one-on-one pass rush drills, the two got into a scuffle. One that saw Mack drive him into the turf before they were broken up. It wasn’t the prettiest sequence for the tight end. Shaheen said it was just part of the competition of practice. Finally, reporters had a chance to ask Mack about it on Tuesday. The pass rusher’s response made it clear exactly how high of an opinion he has of Shaheen.

“Oh man, I don’t even remember. I can’t even recall. Yeah, I like to have fun and that’s my version of having fun. We were just enjoying the time.”

Man, that is ice cold.

It’s almost the real-life version of that classic meme from the show Mad Men. Where one guy says, “I feel bad for you” and the other replies, “I don’t think about you at all.” That is basically what Mack was saying in that comment. Shaheen’s challenge was so insignificant to him that it was the equivalent of flicking away a speck of dust. That must be what it feels like to be as good as he is.

Mack ended up getting the last laugh in the end. The Bears beat the Dolphins in their preseason matchup last Saturday. The best part had to be DeAndre Houston-Carson picking off Tua Tagovailoa who was targeting Shaheen in the end zone. Just a little extra salt in the wound for his return to Chicago.

Khalil Mack appears ready to make a statement in 2021

His mood certainly seems brighter than it has in the past. Part of this is because he’s healthy. The 30-year old dealt with some injury issues last season that made it difficult to play at his best. Now healthy, he has thoroughly dominated training camp. It feels like this could end up being a vintage year for him as he continues his dual pursuit of a gold jacket in Canton and that elusive Super Bowl championship.

Beyond that? Khalil Mack is one of many members of that Bears defense who seem enamored with new coordinator Sean Desai. His promotion a few months ago was met with surprise by many. Was he really the best choice to replace Chuck Pagano? Maybe somebody more experienced would’ve been better. Fast forward to now and the players are absolutely embracing Desai. They love his fire, competitiveness, and detailed approach to the game.

It is easy to see.

When you’ve won over an even-keeled guy like Khalil Mack? You know you’re doing something right. People are anxious to see what this defense looks like in 2021. Expectations are the front seven will be one of the best in the NFL. If the secondary can hold up even at a decent level, this unit has a chance to crack the top 10 yet again.

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