‘Taste to Go’ offers wide variety of flavors across Chicago

‘Taste to Go’ offers wide variety of flavors across Chicago


CHICAGO On Chicago’s Northwest Side Saturday afternoon, the appetite for social interaction took on a delicious note.

Outside Eli’s Cheesecake headquarters, a pop-up ‘Taste To Go’ event took place, featuring the iconic Robinson’s Ribs as well.

“It’s really our highlight of the summer,” Eli’s Cheesecake president Marc Schulman said.

41 years ago, Marc’s father Eli took his delicious creation to the very first Taste of Chicago festival.

“You know, we can’t be at Grant Park at Taste but what a great idea to bring Taste to a backyard,” Schulman said.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the 40th anniversary of the Taste to be held virtually. No seating, no music and all food inside sealed containers.

More than a year into the pandemic, with lower infection numbers, pop-up events such as these are able to bring numerous tastes from different neighborhoods in the city in a bridge back to more normal footing.

In Garfield Park, Old Arthur’s Barbecue employees were happy to be checking in with other vendors that haven’t been together in over a year.

In the twists and turns of the pandemic, teaching valuable lessons in life and in business can go a long way. The third generation of Eli’s feels the importance.

“To be here during the pandemic and work in my family business and be here for the community has been an amazing silver lining a really, really tough time for everyone,” Elana Schulman said.

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