Our Chicago IL News Team

Jason J. Jackson

Milwaukee native now transplanted into the Region. Enjoy martial arts, and doing volunteer work. I am hooked on Chicago pizza and dogs. Obviously love writing about Chicago or wouldn’t be here!

Ronald V. Lewis

Graduated from UIC with a degree in Journalism. Enjoy covering all the Chicago area news and there is plenty of it here to cover! LOL. Love my Cubbies and Bears

Samantha A. Agnes

Love writing thanks to a great English teacher at Adlai Stevenson High School. Attended DePaul and graduated with a Journalism degree and have been through all the reorganiztions etc. Love helping with this Chicago site.

Bryan K. Keller

Local guy that loves all the seasons in Chicago. Love my sports teams and great Chicago food. My passion in writing started at a young age.

Layla G. Hawlett

I am a down-state native and grew up near Carbondale. Chicago was always the “big city” to me until work brought me here. Now I see why people love it and enjoy sharing my work online