The ever-evolving Chicago R & B music scene

The ever-evolving Chicago R & B music scene


Known for the birth of gospel, rock, funk, punk, hip-hop and house music, Chicago’s music scene also has a long history in the R & B scene...

Over time, music fans have seen Sam Cooke. Curtis Mayfield; Chaka Khan; Minnie Riperton; Lou Rawls; Earth, Wind & Fire Founder Maurice White; Mavis Staples; Donnie Hathaway; Sirina Johnson; Jennifer Hudson; Jeremai; Chantay Savage , Famous in Chicago’s R & B scene.

Chicago singers Carl Thomas, Donell Jones and Dave Hollister recently formed the R & B supergroup “The Chi”.

What about the current group of local singers? How do they see the state of the Chicago R & B scene? Who are they looking for inspiration? How can artists improve the local scene? Is the music and the artists all the same? Is there anyone who stands out?

Southside-raised artist Matt B says Chicago’s R & B sounds vary from region to region.
Angela Benson

Lauren Dukes, a singer specializing in blues, soul, jazz and R & B, has a lot of emotions about Chicago’s R & B sound. Although creatives have plenty of access to sharing music with the masses, she prefers traditional forms of R & B.

“Locally, I definitely like it to be easier and more accessible for the average indie artist who isn’t backed by a major label,” said Dukes, who recently released “Hectic Love Week.” -Song EP. “I’m drawn to artists who maintain a more authentic sound. The genre isn’t impossible to evolve, but it’s not only reminiscent of R & B with a message and substance, but also the sensation behind it.

“What I hate is [Chicago R&B scene] — This may not be affected only locally — I can’t distinguish the voice. I think we’ve gone in the direction of reducing singing — melodic rap. Rap has its own sub-genre, although it’s not without space for everyone to attend. R & B doesn’t have to go in that direction. I want to hear more singers. The R & B artist I tend to attract is, as the church says, “sanger.” “

Southside-raised artist Matt B has reduced the journey of many R & B artists by creating charts on iTunes R & B charts and releasing early works in Europe and Japan. He says the sound changes depending on where you live in Chicago.

“I think the great thing about local R & B is the variety of sounds,” said Matt B, who works with the Department of Culture and a special event (DCASE) to bring local artists onto the city’s radar. “Going to one side of the city, I could hear more of the blend of R & B and hip-hop. Going to the other side of the city, I could hear the sounds of blues and R & B.”

Chicago’s Josh K (right, New York rapper Fabulous) is preparing to release a follow-up to “Lovers Lane: Act 2”.

A common complaint from young and experienced R & B fans is that music content is primarily composed of sex rather than love.

So where does Chicago’s R & B fit?

Josh K, who is preparing to release the album “Lover’s Lane: Act 3” featuring Fabolous, Jeremih and Tory Lanez, likes the Chicago R & B sound of the 90’s, but the artist is “vulnerable” at the time. I say I heard it. — This genre is up.

“I think we’re looking up at Chicago’s R & B status compared to the last five years,” said Josh, who lists local singer Tink as one of the best R & B artists in the city. “I feel like I’m back around. We’re starting to spotlight us a little more. That’s great …. The Chicago music scene is just for drills and gangsta rap. Seen. Chicago feels like forgetting that there are still R & B artists of our nature. “

The music of BJ The Chicago Kid was featured in Season 4 of the Showtime series

The music of BJ The Chicago Kid was featured in Season 4 of the Showtime series “The Chi”.
Luis Vera

Also, artists who have recently released four EPs, “4AM,” such as Southside-born singer-songwriter BJ The Chicago Kid, who has been nominated for six Grammy Awards, want to stay in their lane.

“I’m not really very tuned. I record a lot of music myself and try not to be a sponge. I’m just creative,” said the showtime series “The Chi.” BJ, who will appear in Season 4, said. “There are many” playground legends “-I like to call them-they couldn’t get [record] Deals, and church singers.

“Of course, Chicago is one of the cities that fosters musicians, singers, producers and rappers, as the new generation has shown us.”

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